Human Soul

The presence of the divine Higher-self in the human mind makes it forever impossible for either science or philosophy to attain a satisfactory comprehension of the evolving soul of the human personality. The soul is the child of the universe and may be really known only through cosmic insight and … Continue reading

Human Free Will

There has been a big debate on human free will, does it exist?, the truth is we are using our free will everyday, whether we accept it or not, free will is one of the big difference between human and other animals, with free will you can move your life in any direction you please! "We are always in … Continue reading

Brain Waves

The brain produces microscopic electrical frequencies as thoughts travels in the labyrinth of the brain. The physical conduits of these thoughts are the millions of nerve cells or neurons in the brain. Just as radio signals, in order to make a comprehensible message, are beamed out on radio waves, … Continue reading