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Brain Chemistry – Bullying Leads To Anxiety

Brain Chemistry

Bullying alters brain chemistry

“We found that chronic social stress affects neuroendocrine systems that are paramount for adaptive mammalian social behaviors such as courtship, pair-bonding and parental behaviors,” says Yoav Litvin, M. S. Stoffel Postdoctoral Fellow in Mind, Brain and… Continue reading

We Use 10% of Our Brains, What About The Rest?

This can be one of the biggest question people have been asking themselves. There are two questions to be addressed when it comes to this matter;

  • Is it that our brain operates automatically 100% effectively and we are just not… Continue reading

I Get Distracted So Easily-What Should I Do

When your mind is easily distracted you can’t really accomplish much in life, you will start one sentence and end up with something which is irrelevant to what you started, it is like the feather in the wind, when it… Continue reading