Liberation of human mind

What Is The Depth Your Perception?

Every object has it’s universal signature, that is its color, texture, weight, shape and radiation. These are the key elements that makes us identify and distinguish different types of objects, When you are inside a room you see different items in that room, you have a computer, wall painting, desk , bed etc., these items can easily be distinguished because of their appearance and it is with their different manifestation that makes us label them.

Looking it further we see that it is not only their physical appearance that counts the most but their uses  and application that makes them appear differently, a bed would be shaped rectangular because we lay our bodies on top of them, but a table has almost the same appearance to that of the bed, with different texture, as the table has a hard surface and slightly higher compared to that of the bed. These physical manifestations represents the fundamental make up of the objects, Because had it been not for the purposes they are made for, they would not have any form in the first place.

Our minds distinguish items by these physical manifestations, but with a slightly higher intellect we learn how to make use of these objects because we have penetrated slightly deeper that their physical appearance, The first moment you see a toothbrush without any prior knowledge or experience with it, with its shape and appearance you will intuitively start brushing things.

There are mental layers as well as forms of existence in every objects take for example our planet earth, there is the inner most core of the earth, then you have  out core, mantle and crust but it goes further you have layers of atmosphere with different gases according to their respective densities. For the brain the  outer most is when you perceive something freshly, without knowing its use, as you allow it to sink deeper in your mind you start to perceive deeper layers of existence of the object you are observing, if it is a TV you will start to receive impressions of what that object is used for, how it operates etc. If you are observing a person or a life form you can in time perceive it’s deeper levels of realities.




How come this is not a common phenomenon?

We are all  born with these abilities, however there are two major causes that blocks them;

  1. Emotional attachments, say you are walking down the street , you meet two  big dogs, instead of using that route to go to work you change your route to avoid meeting with those two dogs, because you had very bad experience with dogs attacking you, another example, you always poor skills in math, your friend come to you and invites you to the  math contest of course you will not go. my point here is due to lots of emotional attachments to events and objects we tend to stop our minds to sink as deeper as they can and stop on the shallow level, when you see a pencil that as far is it goes because you have already given a meaning to that object, and you halt your brain to investigate further, if you see a beautiful woman of man upon requesting about that person  you hear that they are not single, your curiosity comes to an end. The same phenomenon happens within our minds, since we have all these preconceived ideas and knowledge about what we see, we tend to be lazy to investigate deeper. Ever wonder how Albert Einstein came up with the theory of relativity?
  2. Mental state, while we are somehow limited by our own emotions to perceive the environment around us, the level on which we our brains operates contributes a lot on how we receive information from our environment, with the booming of science and technology our attention span have become very minute, we are having a hard time to stay focus on a single subject for few seconds, our attentions is scattered all over, which makes us achieve less and make a mess out of everything. This is because we operate on the outer layer of the mind (remember we mentioned it above) which is basically hunting and gathering or in another words it is flight or fight state, there isn’t any much thought into anything it is action and reaction, this makes one see the world in a very narrow band. In a way people are stuck in this level of mind and not being able to come out of this state, they have a hard time sleeping, luck of creativity and motivation.

Upgrade yourself?

Understanding how your mind works and its core make up it is easy to refine yourself and upgrade the way you do things. One thing to notice is our minds is like a pond  which reflects the outer world the more chaotic our minds are the vague and distorted the images on the pond becomes, if you can learn how to calm your mind, let it settle all the worries, anxiety and emotions then you will be able to see the world in a more profound way. When you take a glass of water put some dirt on it, shake it as much as you can you will notice the color of water have changed and it will be very hard to see through, but as you let it settle down for a while, everything will fall into place, you will be able to clearly see and tell the dirt apart from water. The same principle applies to your brain, if you find your mind chaotic, hard to stay focused, sit down for a while, let go all of the things that you are concerned about, with practice you will see the results.